What machines do you use?
Our machines are quad core i7 2012 mac minis that have been upgraded to 16gb of ram & Solid State hard drives. Don't let the age of these machines fool you. These were the last quad core i7s released and are more powerful than many new mac workstations on the market. Mac mini's are easier for us to import into the country as well as upgrade and repair and add the kind of peripherals our clients demand such as mechnicial keyboards with number pads, dual monitors etc

Are the assistants home based or office based?
The staff are not home-based and work from a modern air-conditioned office in Davao City, Philippines with 100mbps fiber-optic connection offering speeds of 100mbps upload and download speeds.

Can I request additional software to be installed?
Yes. This make include but not limited to - free or paid applications, productivity or automation softwares, VPN softwares, data processing software.

Do you accept payments in Crypto Currency?
Yes, right now we accept Nano in addition to PayPal.  Please contact us if you would like to pay via Nano Coin.

What is the background of most of the assistants?
Most of our staff are working students or recent graduates wanting to get work experience as well as increase their skillset. When they join us they have little to no mac experience due to the price of mac machines being outside their personal budgets but very rapidly increase their skillsets when the support of our existing team. All have good english skills, good typing and cognitive skills. We train them to be generalists and creative skills vary from person to person. 

Can I like one of your assistants can I hire them directly?
Yes, if you want to hire one of our staff full time as a home-based staff member you can certainly do that however there is likely to be lots of upfront costs involved with setting them up (particularly on mac computers as they are very expensive to source locally) and continuing to use our service provides fast internet, reliable workstations, distraction-free, comfortable work environment and mediation if any problems on output or attitude arise.

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“Finally a VA company that help me manage my business with the MacOS Applications I use everyday. Best of all I only pay when I require assistance. Thank-you Chris and the Team!"

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