Macs + Talented VAs = *Winning*

Our Founder Chris McKendry moved to Davao City. Philippines in 2015 for both a sea change and to manage a BPO company he was involved with at the time.  He fell in love with the place and the people and never wants to leave. Not only that, he bought all his macs with him.  

He always saw the lack of Mac workstations there as an issue both for the locals as well as business owners abroad who just want a seamless and cost effective way to outsource.  Since early 2015 he has been acquiring older Mac workstations from the western markets and showing the locals why MacOS is the superior operating system for doing business in most industries.
Demand for our services of affordable Mac using VAs based in the Philippines continues to grow! 

My main role as founder and CEO is to do the rounds and make sure the VA’s are working in the most effective way for our clients.  This includes making sure they are maximizing the use of automation, keyboard shortcuts, multiple displays & anything else that allows us to achieve more in less time for our clients.

"To say we are all about the tech would be completely wrong. Our people are still the main reason our clients completely integrate our services into their business." - Chris McKendry

Chris McKendry

Commander & Chief

“Finally a VA company that help me manage my business with the MacOS Applications I use everyday. Best of all I only pay when I require assistance. Thank-you Chris and the Team!"

Dan Roberts






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